Friday, November 14, 2008

Yet another obsession

I swear, I'm preparing a post on the mid-nineties Japanese economy, the great depression, Weimar Germany, and the current state of the US Economy. But, wonkiness, and esp. short wonkiness (my gold standard) is difficult. So, in lieu of many many many numbers, I give you "Babyshambles," (with my favorite bad boy Pete Doherty) singing I'll *u*k forever, so don't listen if you think the FCC let Janet Jackson off too easy. Eveyone else, HOLY SHIT! (Oooops.) Live version. Without Babyshambles, and with bonus daisy.


Stephen said...

I'd have loved an applied economics post. That was my undergraduate study and I still miss it.

geebee said...

Pete, please get the spoon out of your nose and buy a tuning fork!