Thursday, November 27, 2008

A post of Thanksgiving -- Rocking Chair.

The Band (obviously named before the creation of Google searching) had five members, three of which could sing like angels--Levon Helm, Rick Danko, and Richard Manuel. The fifth member, Robbie Robertson, wrote the songs, and legend has it, sang too, but with his mike turned off. Legend, again, has it that the "The Band" set at Woodstock did not make it to the movie because someone didn't understand the protocol and left Robbie's Mike in the ON position. Personal history (mine) has it that one of the few (or perhaps the only) actor/rock star I ever ever ever had a crush on was Rick Danko, for obvious reasons. The best and the worst reason I ever dated someone was because he was a ringer for Rick Danko. I heard Levon Helm's daughter interviewed a few years ago. When she was a child, she thought it was totally cool that her father was in a band with, yeah Rick Danko, who died in his forties of hard living. Ah, well.

Not the point of this post. My favorite singer of the group was Richard Manuel; unfortunately, there are few videos out there with him singing. I found one; it's a bit grainy, but the audio is lovely. In March 1986 he hanged himself in a Florida hotel room while on tour with the Band (minus Robbie Robertson.) Those boys didn't seem to get much out of their genius and fame. Love, Djinn.

"Rocking Chair." Happy Thanksgiving.

Click here to hear one of Richard Manuel's most beautiful songs, "Whispering Pines."

Surely you've figured out by now I'm a hopeless romantic.

Just found this, I need to fly away for thanksgiving in a couple of hours, perhaps I should go to bed; King Harvest live and even well recorded by one of the best bands ever. Enjoy.

And, if you insist, after many tryouts, here's my favorite Levon Helm vid.

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