Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rock and Roll was invented in the late 40's

by John Lee Hooker. Just listen.

This is from the 60's, but even in the late 40's, early 50's, he was, all by himself, playing the heavy percussion, the lead guitar riffs, and even rhythm guitar, all at once. Not to mention, I believe he may have the best voice ever recorded.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What? You were happy about the health care thingie?

Peak oil (by which I mean massive massive social unrest) will be here sooner than "they" are telling you. Read here. (It's The Telegraph, from our British neighbor across the pond.) Or not; it's a beautiful evening.

What is in the Health Care Bill?

Here's an excellent chart from the LA Times discussing exactly what is in the health care bill. No public option. But it's better than nothing.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

RIP Alex Chilton

Two who left too soon:  Elliott Smith singing Nighttime by Big Star.

I hoped to post some recent Alex Chilton, but everything I could find appeared to have been filmed on cell phones. So, here's Big Star singing perhaps the most underrated pop masterpiece ever.

20 Million--Or Why Tony Blair Was So Gung-Ho About Iraq

That's 20 Million Pounds.  Tony Blair had a good war.  I always sorta suspected that Bush had Pictures of Tony with a goat in high heels; you know how serious those British animal rights people are.  But, no, just heaps and heaps and heaps of money.   Evil.  That is all.

The story is being broken by The Daily Mail.  Huzzah.

Monday, March 15, 2010

What Republicans are Really Afraid Of.

Looking at the entire article, we also find out the fascinating information that “Republican Mitt Romney unveiled his own package, one that is much smaller than Obama's."  Explains quite a bit.
H/T to Ed Brayton.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Utah Smith: One More Off-The-Rails Blues/Gospel Musician

Who woulda thunk with a name like that? And he wore wings! Honest. I have totally drained my spending money budget (darn that Amazon one-click feature.) But just give this a listen.

More Transcendental Trance Gospel

The Rev. Charlie Jackson (on edit; I got him confused with Charlie Patton, a different blues singer from a different era) is, criminally, only represented by two songs on all of the wormhole into the universe that is Youtube. Here he is singing, in England, a song that perfectly intersects the 'dirty blues' and gospel. Listen for the fishing line references.

Also, please point and laugh at the suit the host of the show is wearing (could he have chosen a worse color for his skin tone? I think not--he looks like a unaccountably pasty banana.) Cringe along with me at the deeply condescending comments from the host that the good Reverend answers with such kindness and grace I'm planning on watching the early painful part as a lesson on how to be a better person. But wait! The music!

Video of The Rev. Louis Overstreet! Trance Gospel.

I can't believe someone posted this footage of the good Reverend playing at church.

You have to understand; his band consisted of him on baritone, bass drum and electric guitar so organic the music sounds like an intregal part of him, with his four sons on various percussion instruments. See the little kid on washboard, that's his son. When not in church, the five of them would plug into a bar and play out front in their choir robes. It's the only trance-gospel I've ever heard, and I find it entrancingly alluring. Listen. Be happy. Did I mention I'd totally go to his church? In an instant.

Just a dash more of the Reverend to take us out; no video this time--I'm thrilled there's at least a bit.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Idea of Heaven

Old black men sitting around on fluffy clouds playing the blues.

Listen to this first; it's Son House singing "My Big Mama," rewritten endless times; sorry no cool video version available on the not-quite-as-magical-as-I-thought internets.

Now, the father of delta blues; don't mind the static.

And one more: