Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Fractal Theory of Canada


Given a community A and an adjacent community C, such that A is prosperous and populous, and C is less populous and prosperous, and nonreciprocal interest of C in the internal affairs of A, often C will need ego compensation by occasional noisy and noisome display of its superiority over A. In this case C is said to be the canada of A, C = canada(A).

For example, it has been previously established that

canada(California) = Oregon
canada(New York) = New Hampshire
canada(Australia) = New Zealand
canada(England) = Scotland

The Fractal Theory of Canada.

For all A there exists C such that

C = canada(A)

For example,
canada(USA) = Canada
canada(Canada) = Quebec
canada(Quebec) = Celine Dion

It would appear that the hierarchy would bottom out an individual. However an individual is actually a community of tissues, tissues of cells, cells of molecules, and so forth down into the quantuum froth.

canada(brain) = pineal gland
canada(intestines) = colon
canada(electron) = neutrino

and so on. There is no bottom.

"My God! It's full of Canadas!"

Stolen, in its entirety from my beloved Language Log, here.

An empty box

In Kentucky at least, big time trouble for, well, any bank that thinks that it holds a mortgage and anyone that thinks that they have invested in a CDO.

Veddy interesting: here's a deposition that discusses how some of that fraud happened. Hint: it involved making stuff up.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Foreclosure Mess Getting Interesting

Wells Fargo Mortgage Foreclosure invalid because Wells Fargo can't prove they own the Mortgage, if you happen to live in King County, NY. read the case here.

You might notice how annoyed the judge is, when you are at it.