Friday, November 14, 2008

Expat No More

(Warning: only click on Kamasutra if you really think you should!)

Living in exile in Paris while studying the Kamasutra with communists, Mickey now plans a return to his native country. Obama's inauguration should again make this country a haven for sexually depraved, french-speaking, commie-pinkos.... at least that is what Mickey has read in some blogs. Plus, he thinks Euro-Disney blows.


djinn said...

Finally, it's about time the euro-disney hating commie pinkos get to out of the closet and sneer freely at the, uh, eminently sneerable joy that is the US!!!!!

geebee said...

Disney's fear of such kamasutra pics has, the joke has it, and it may be true, been the motivation for the length of copyright in the US. Every time Mickey is about to go out of copyright, magically, the copyright term is extended.