Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Africa is a great country with great people, and I love big animals you can shoot.

Are there helicopters for rent?

Sarah Palin (new name "Dummdumm Spice") didn't know that Africa was a continent. It's obvious why none of her kids are in school these days. "Education," "Reading," and "watching the commie Fox news station" are quite apparently only activities that the Godless liberal elite dabble in. This clip is from Fox News. That's right, Fox News.

However, a short rant. WHT DIDN'T THIS SO-CALLED REPORTER TELL US THE DEPTHS OF THIS WOMEN'S STUPIDITY PRIOR TO THE ACTUAL VOTE? Ok, that was a trick question; this is one rather dramatice piece of evidence that Fox is obviously just a mouthpiece for the Repubs. But still, don't you think it would worry your average non-brain dead staff member at Fox news to know that the woman who had a distinct possibility of being president didn't know that Africa was a continent? What else doesn't she know?

"How could they end up with a running mate that didn't know that Africa is a continent?" One Heartbeat away from the presidency, almost, people. Plus bonus tissy fits.

For reasoned commentary on this post, see here.

On only a slightly different matter, what if Palin did run against McCain in 2012? What would a debate be like?


geebee said...

I just fell off the couch... again!

kerfuffler said...

I suspect that many repugs did not throw their hat in the ring this election cycle, because they figured a dem would win this time around. In four years there will be plenty of ambitious repugs who will be happy to tear Palin a new one during their primary debates. The very thought makes me hope she chooses to run, but I bet she won't.