Friday, November 7, 2008

New Thanksgiving Recipes!

For the ultimate experience of that warm and cozy Thanksgiving repast, consider the possibility of the entirely felt feast! Yes, that's right, the following pictures are all of food made entirely of wool felt. (Not recommended if you or a loved one has frequent trouble with hairballs.)

Notice the perfect lattice work on the pie, and no floury kitchen mess!

The turkey can be completely white or dark meat, you choose the wool!

That's right, all the trimmings from pats of butter, (so much lower in fat!), to cranberry sauce, (no messy stains!), can be crafted from felt. Low carbohydrate mashed potatoes and buns are another benefit. These recipes are so light that no one will leave the table feeling over stuffed. Guaranteed!

Make sure to enlarge the images to see these creations in all their fuzzy glory.

But I would stick to wax candles; felt can really catch on fire!

(All these images were snapped by me, kerfuffler, on a fact-finding mission in Portland, Oregon. Unfortunately, I lost the name of the knitting store that had this wonderful display. Kudos to them for what looks like a marvelously flaky crust.)

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djinn said...

Darn those hairballs! I'll have to abstain.