Monday, November 24, 2008

Very very close to a Prince Song.

Due to popular demand, I attempted to locate a Prince song to post. Couldn't find "If I was your Girlfriend," couldn't find "Sexy MF," couldn't find "Scarlet Pussy," Couldn't even find "God." You think he (or his crack team of lawyers) would at least leave that one up. So, to fill the void, the best ever Prince song not, strangely enough, sung by Prince.

Beck -- Debra. Sample lyric: "I've got to get with youuuuuu, and your sister, I think her name's Debra." Plus bonus perfect falsetto, and cute little wiggle; not Beck's fault that he's somewhat lacking in the Booty department. Though I'm sad than no fishnets or high heels are directly involved. Lady, step inside my Hyundai.

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geebee said...

That's one sooooooulful white boy.