Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Vote. Or more punk rock for you. With shaky camera work and bad audio. Oh how I love it......... And definitely more Mountain Goats.

I tried to find The Clash singing "Revolution Rock" live to no avail, so we can just sit still for the appropriate time and listen to a conceptual version of John Cage's 4′33″, three movements, each "played" silently. OK, one, two, three, GO!

Oh, I got to vote by mail, here in Oregon, but managed to forget to stamp my ballot. My kind mailperson knocked on the door (I was home sick, thank goodness) stamp was applied, and I did my civic duty.

I could barely sleep last night, after seeing the election stolen in 2000, and so close in 2004 (you can probably surmise that I am a Democrat. A bad democrat. A democrat who votes a straight ticket unless there is some compelling reason to not.) Thank goodness for all the geeky graphs and polls available for me to pour over. Yeah moving averages!

You may wonder about the random images; I love roses and Andy Warhol pics, they're there totally to calm me down. BTW, the rose is "Charles de Mills," which I had planted a few weeks ago.

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