Friday, November 14, 2008

Hat-Eating Party TBA

Wow, Peter Schiff was right in all of his predictions, while Laffer, Stein and others ridiculed him. Note the difference in their communication style; Schiff offers reasoned explanations of his positions while the others basically just say he is laughably wrong, and offer no further insights except maybe for Laffer who injects some specious nonsense. Although Schiff is Republican----in a big Ron Paul kinda way----he does not subscribe to the delusional groupthink so endemic to the current GOP. Check this out:

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djinn said...

Kerfuffler, this may be the best thing you've posted (other than the clothing, for an entirely different value of "best.") Wow. Just Wow. So fun (for negative values of "fun" to watch all the sneerers.)