Saturday, November 1, 2008

Someone Kinda Beat Me To It

Wizmark, the talking urinal cake!

I was considering different monuments for the Bush-Cheney years. First I considered a giant spittoon. As I became angrier a urinal seemed more satisfying, but that would make it hard for women to participate, and besides there is already an iconic urinal in Western culture. (Duchamp's urinal artwork has been called the most influential piece of modern art to date.)

And that's when it hit me, it should be a gigantic urinal cake! It just seems so emblematic of the GOP's efforts to mask their corruption and greed (Stinkiness) with phony, over-the-top protestations of Christian faith (cloyingly sweet, overpowering urinal cake stench).

The best part is that it would completely disappear over time, and we wouldn't be left with any monument to them at all!

Only one word stands between us and this perfect monument: NIMBY!

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