Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Housekeeping tip # 7 Go with the cheaper wine!

This study from the "American Association of Wine Economists" (as an aside, who knew such people existed, and what are their lunches like?), and its all scientific and everything, explains in excruciating detail, with graphs even that, well, let them speak:

Our main finding is that, on average, individuals who are unaware of the
price do not derive more enjoyment from more expensive wine. In fact, they
enjoy more expensive wines slightly less.

Two-buck chuck, here I come.

If you actually read the paper (not recommended without a bottle of your favorite plonk nearby) you'll also find out that if you think that wine A is more expensive than wine B, you may, indeed, prefer wine A. Paper bags all around, or that old standby, pour the cheap stuff into some expensive bottles you found lying around. Everyone will enjoy the fun!


Steve said...

Ha, I've known that about myself for years and only buy 2 buck chuck or whatever they usually have on sale and/or at 7-11!

djinn said...

Yay Steve? What happened with your Oil futures? I have no right to ask as I am truly afraid of any sort of Stock Market transaction (Exogamous events) so feel free to post a repy using Rob Zombie lyrics. Isn't his wife named Jennifer?

djinn said...

I confess, I did not know this about taste and wine, and have been happily, if only very rarely imbibing the more expensive stuff. NO MORE! However Scotch.....