Thursday, November 6, 2008


Palin fans at Redstate are working now to silence McCain campaign staffers who have juicy tidbits about Palin:
Wednesday, November 5, 2008 at 10:43PM CST

RedState is pleased to announce it is engaging in a special project: Operation Leper.

We're tracking down all the people from the McCain campaign now whispering smears against Governor Palin to Carl Cameron and others. Michelle Malkin has the details.

We intend to constantly remind the base about these people, monitor who they are working for, and, when 2012 rolls around, see which candidates hire them. Naturally then, you'll see us go to war against those candidates.

It is our expressed intention to make these few people political lepers.

They'll just have to be stuck at CBS with Katie's failed ratings.

Initial list:

1. Nicolle Wallace
2. Steve Schmidt
3. Mark McKinnon

P.S. ...... We are rooting for Sarah Palin. Don't make us add you to our list. Do you really want to be next to Kathleen Parker in the leper colony?

So, the far right conservatives are telling the staffers that they'd better not cut off their noses to spite their faces, because if they do, they'll be treated like lepers.
Palin's people operate in just the petty, vindictive way I always expected they would. I'm so glad she's not VP. And I sure hope this doesn't dry up the stories we are waiting to hear.

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