Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stevens Currently Down In Alaskan Senate Recount!

The Senate race in Alaska may go to a Democrat after all! According to an Alaskan news source:
Begich, who was losing after election night, now leads Stevens by 814 votes -- 132,196 to 131,382 -- with the state still to count roughly 35,000 more ballots over the next week.

The state Division of Elections tallied some 60,000 absentee, early and questioned ballots on Wednesday. The ballots broke heavily in the Democrat's favor, erasing the 3,000-vote lead Stevens held after election night Nov. 4. ......

The state still needs to count at least 15,000 questioned ballots and an estimated 20,000 absentee ballots that made it to the Division of Elections after election day last Tuesday.

Since Democrats were encouraging their voters to vote early, the remaining ballots are likely to favor Begich.


djinn said...

What wonderful news; (unless you're a humorist) Sarah Palin, who would have run, and quite possibly won for the open Stevens seat--he would have been expelled from the Senate-- One more Dem and one less, uh Palin.

Plus GO FRANKEN!!!!!!

kerfuffler said...

It's so hard to type these posts while keeping my fingers crossed!

Quimbob said...

I guess he will have to get a job on talk radio like Buddy Cianci.