Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Vegans wanted to welcome new Republican overlords

Minneapolis is hosting the Republican national convention. Among other duties (one hopes), The FBI is ensuring that the Republicans are safe from the sorts of scarey terror activities that abound at "vegan potlucks." Honest. They're paying appropriate looking moles to infiltrate -- but you only get the bucks if it leads to arrest. What crimes, prithee, do they suppose they're preventing? Fakin' bacon being slipped into otherwise innocent good Republican breakfasts? An outbreak of healthy eating? The Republicans wish to keep their monopoly of "smug" by any means necessary? To quote Bertie Wooster, "the mind boggles."

Can you spot the Fed?

Now we know creeping authoritarianism tastes like Chicken! (Stealing shamelessly from the comments, below)

H/T Pharyngula

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