Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another two of my favorite flavors -- Son House and the White Stripes

"Death Letter" + a bit of "Don't you mind people grinnin' in your face." Can someone please supply me with one or more adjectives for "awesome?" It would be much appreciated.

Oh, and Meg White totally rocks, or hits things with sticks, or something not quite so unintelligible. Son House, if I may be so disrespectful, would be pleased, I suspect.

All hail our youtube masters. We bow in your general direction. Plus, should anyone ask, the maximum air speed velocity of a common swallow is 45 mph.


tamar said...

Oh, there are so many great choices of adjectives in our over-endowed English language. "Amazing" is a wondrous choice, "wondrous " is absolutely amazing, and "spectacular" is simply smashing.

"Extraordinary" must be used sparingly. "Stunning" is le mot juste when you wish to be sincere but just cannot bring yourself to say something absolutely unambiguous.

"Wunnerfull,wunnerfull" , historically, has been used to describe undescribable musical
contributions, but should be intoned IFF you have a lot of bubbles on hand.

Roget's mentions "singular", but this may not be quite the thing for a performance that some would say "shamelessly rips off Led Zeppelin". I guess it's time for me to look up "homage".

djinn said...

"Shamelessly rips off Bo Diddley" (creeps back to kitchen for more coffee)

Smashing. Comment.

djinn said...

Ooops. Meant to say "Awesome." "Comment."