Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Did I mention clothing? Or Shallow is the new Deep


There's this wonderful store a couple streets away from me, Flutter. They stock Frocky Jack Morgan, deconstructed dresses. They're me. We finally had a beautiful non-rainy warm day here a few weeks ago and I found the perfect sundress!

This is so exciting, as since I went from being sveltish to zaftig, I haven't found a single sundress that I liked. No. More. It's silk? golden, cut on the bias, drapes beautifully, and has an embroidered chinese man nestled between, well, you can see it at the above site at about the 1/5 way point. Did I mention the loverly persimmon fabric waist thingie?


James said...

WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME ABOUT THIS, oops cap lock off now

djinn said...

My first comment! Be still my heart! Because it's new, silly.

Tracey said...

Please post hot pic of you in sundress.