Friday, May 9, 2008

Tiny refutation of teaching Intelligent Design.

It's terrifically disrespectful of God.

ID (or creationism, if you prefer) offers the proposition:

God created the world in a way that doesn't make sense, so don't bother looking.

It's God as Courtney Love--"I could really f*** you up, 'cause I'm a demon, buttercup. Gonna run the phone bill up ....."

Warning, though sound quality is pretty crappy, you can still hear Ms. Love in all her 1990 full-throated glory, oh, and language, check. Offensive subject matter, check. Actual Hole performance, check. Watcher assumes full responsibility for proper use of this video.

As an aside, how does one properly rend expletives, without descending into the risible? Can one?

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