Monday, May 12, 2008

Shortest possible Christian Precis

Girl raped, son killed.

Patti Smith at 61, singing "Gloria."

Jesus died for somebody's sins, not mine.


djinn said...

OK, I have issues.

james said...

so many comments all over the place... I do not think I have ever heard of a definition or rape that would not include the fore mentioned act. I do not recall any telling of the story that includes Mary's permission, What god ever asks. which explains alot about human behavior

BillLee said...

same shortness precis
kill people, send money

or perhaps
rationalize actions,
population control

shorter! cheater?
opiates concentrates power*

must add the obvious implication
* and generates revenue

note: perhaps at the core of the jesus (and all) wisdom traditions is escape your culture (which i want as a bumper sticker and/or tattoo) and treat others as your self (note: with the unity of all things, this is self interest).

djinn said...

I think religion, at least the Christian ones I'm most familiar with gives people a chance for forgiveness. Better option than self-loathing.

I think we are good, when we are good, by our very nature.

BillLee said...

perhaps, we are here to make mistakes and learn from them by using (and developing) an innate (not learned, dogmatic or (possibly) conceptual) conscience* with cross culturally commonality as test, though this separating the wheat (sacred**) from the genetic (chaff/mundane***) raises issues.

Forgiveness may be innate, as compassion for ignorance.

*(con science - must research derivation)

** i hesitate to use this word as it is loaded and the conversion, if only with myself is interesting, but perhaps the caution will be heeded or the portlandian fireworks may be interesting

*** oh boy, i believe the mundane is sacred except for the conceptual which may be a primary tool to realize this, which I think is a gnostic**** take on Becker (Denial of Death)

**** my definition of gnostic is direct knowledge (non classical definition), hence the believe in (observation of)innate conscience