Thursday, May 29, 2008

Obama's (Great) Uncle

Obama, in a plea for more funds to help vets with PTSD, mentioned that his uncle had liberated Auschwitz, and came home with PTSD. The concentration camp was Ohrdruf (a sub camp of Buchenwald), which, to my horror I find has been characterized by members of the right (one hopes outliers) as a "work camp" and not a concentration camp, so Obama must be lying. Here is what the 89th division's website says:

Concerning the service of Mr. Charles Payne: C.T. Payne was a soldier in the 89th Infantry Division. He served in the 355th Infantry Regiment, Company K. The 355th Infantry Regiment was the unit to liberate Ohrdruf. Mr. Payne was there.

For those who seek to minimize the horrors of Ohrdruf since it was a 'work' camp and not a 'death' camp, we have but one word: shame. Ironically, this argument has been made to us time and time again by various Holocaust-deniers and other pro-Nazi groups. We will let the testimony of survivors and veterans speak for themselves.

Just discovered "The Greatest Bitchslap Ever."

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