Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Interesting Copyright Problem

A site uses your image, and slaps a copyright mark on it. Who does the original image now belong to? Practially speaking?

This is already happening. One such story at hownow brown pau. He made a time-lapse video of clouds that then was used by Huffington Post in a different, copyright-logoed clip. The original video was then automatically disabled by Google Video after the similar clip on Huffington Post was apparently spotted by a Google video bot.

There is, apparently, a dispute resolution process. His update.

But, still. Disturbing. Should all us anonymous microscopic sites be licensing our own images under some creative commons or copyleft license to preempt such situations in the future?

This is a subject I know little to nothing about, for what it's worth, just musings on my part.

H/T Boing Boing


Gritty Pretty said...

so maddening!

djinn, you are brilliant! your blog is my preferred window to the world.

djinn said...

Thank you so much! One of the sweetest compliments I've ever gotten. Can I link your blog to my blog? (Sounds faintly naughty)

Gritty Pretty said...

heehee, of course! and vice versa.