Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tiny argument against the existence of God.

The existence of Theodicy (long, often whiny, always abstruse, arguments about why a good, all-powerful Diety would allow evil), baby.

Ceiling Cat really says it better.
Awgooments frum Eevul in teh Urfs
He, liek, nevr duz anyfing. An der iz lots ov bad fings in wurldz. Liek, I wuz in teh best warm spot on teh rug, but den it moovd, an Iz cood not be in it anymoar. WAI, CEILING CAT, WAI??? WAI YU SO CROOL??? So, him not exist. LOLZ! Yu looz! kthxby.

Addendum: In retrospect, this seems a bit hard; perhaps closer to truth is the idea that there is one person out there (a bit foggy around the edges, perhaps) who truly cares about me, no matter what my sad stories are, otherwise. It's God as a truncheon that I object to, not as a distant friend.

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Jen said...

I just completely devoured your whole blog. It made me miss you so much!

It LOVE the black wedding dress and can't wait to see you in it.