Monday, May 12, 2008

Dr. Chill vs. Dr. Unreachable, or an episode in the dizziness chronicles.

I've been dizzy for almost 6 months now. It's gotten so bad that seeing a car chase or an innocent picture of water on TV sends me over the edge. So....I actually made a medical appointment. About 5 weeks ago. I have since, been MRI'd, spun about, tipped, had water of various temperatures poured into my ears, electroded and beeped various times, and so on and so forth. Diagnosis? HuH? I can't even reach my (Specialist, ENT) doctor.

Example, I recently started having Panic attacks associated with my vertigo attacks. Due to the magic that is wikipedia I discover that my symptoms match an unpronounceable disease called "Labyrinthitis", which can be treated with antivirals or antibiotics, none of which I've been given. After several attempts to call the good Dr. U, I'm given her assistant; I explain my case; she totally blows me off and recommends I talk to my primary care physician. I actually talked to him, explained the situation (been sick for almost six months, etc.) and he said he'd give Dr. Unreachable a call. So, just maybe, something may happen. I'll keep you informed, dear reader.


only slightly dizzy


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