Sunday, May 18, 2008

A useful website

So, another bad week, what with Kathleen Parker, a commentator at the Washington Post declaring that Obama isn't a real American, not because they've figured out that he is one super-hot hologram (ah, that explains it), but rather, because his Father isn't an American citizen. Never mind the fact that his Grandfather fought in WW2, the taint of "Foreign" blood should be enough to make "True Americans" everywhere flee. Who knew John McCain was of Native American blood? (Stolen from Glenn Greenwald, or as he's known around the blogosphere--Glenzilla)

Anyway, it turns out that God is on the internet; a simple click can tell you what he really thinks. He mostly hates things. Duh. Makes life so much simpler. Turns out we agree about American Idol and Sex in the City. Go God.

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