Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's fun to be a Republican candidate for President, less fun to be the Democratic governor of a southern state; or political prisoners are so in.

Richard Scrushy had been appointed to the Alabama State Hospital board three times by three Alabama governors, one Democratic, two Republican. He donated $500,000 to a Education lottery campaign that Bud Seligman, the former Governor of Alabama, was campaigning for. Seligman reappointed him. For the 4th time. Got that? Scrushy was already a member of the board, and he did not donate money to the Governor. For this "crime," Seligman was convicted of bribery and sentenced to seven years in prison.

A Justice department investigation about the conviction was shut down in mysterious circumstances, now coming to light.

John McCain helped a top campaign donor trade 55,000 acres of land worth about $2000/acre for land worth up to $12,000/acre.

1n 1999, John McCain helped another top campaign donor purchase land on the California Coastline belonging to the Army that netted the developer, Donald Diamond, Millions of dollars of profit.

Rather than going to jail, John McCain has been nominated by the Republican party as their presidential candidate. It's good to be a Republican.


james said...

when do you get to the pie? I like pie.

djinn said...

Patience, Grasshopper. When you can snatch this political nomination from my hand, you will be ready.

snapdragon said...

i just watched that show :P
i like pie

djinn said...

You, dear snapdragon, will get pie.