Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Lysistrada, or Oh, Those Naughty Greeks

So, under the impression that I had read it, I took up Celandine (dear daughter, 18) on her suggestion, and we went to the student production at Portland State. Oh. My. God. Turns out I hadn't gotten past the first act, where it was not yet necessary for the props manager to rush to the Portland equiv of blowfish.com to stock up on, and then spray paint gold, largish sized, uh, male appendages for all male cast members. They detached! They waved around! They got propped up on pillows and danced around! They were several of the most important cast members! You can imagine undergrads with this material.

Celandine was laughing equally hard at the action and my discomfort; but it was, I must admit, really funny. The women cast members were kitted out as equiv characters; a greek goddess, a scary German woman (the Spartan, go figure) a dominatrix, Marilyn Monroe. I have to recommend an undergrad production of this material at some liberal college. Work it, boys.

You know the plot? The women of Athens and the neighboring city-states go on strike -- no more "action" until their men stop the war. Pretty timely, actually. When we were leaving, someone with an absolutely perfect pompous British-accented voice was heard to declaim "I strongly suspect the FILTH was not in the original Greek" Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, us moderns thought all this stuff up.

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