Saturday, May 17, 2008

Devil Got My Woman

I present Skip James, my favorite Blues artist, and one of my all time favorite musicians, live! C'mon people, less than 5,000 people have watched this clip on youtube.

He won a contest in 1931, travelled from Bentonia, Mississippi, to Wisconson to record an album or two in the depths of the depression. Just a few 78's were sold, and he disappeared for 30 years, to resurface (via John Fahey, more on him later) in the 60's. Cream covered his song "I'm so glad." The royalties allowed him to live his last year or two in something other than abject poverty.

Oh, and the immense, imposing man in the right foreground? That's Howlin' Wolf.


mr. pink's mom said...

Skip james? He's one of the great, original delta blues men, rediscovered in the 60's.
skip james & howlin' wolf--the air was thick in that room...

mr pinks DAD.

djinn said...

Did you notice that the Wolf is looking none too thrilled?