Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Christmas Cheer, or a perfect day

Spoiler alert Not a really happy sort of message.
Or a tale of me, Asphodel and Celandine all together in Portland, many Moons ago.

Various Demons
Place -- Portland
Atmosphere -- Rainy

Celandine --I hate being such a wasp. Why are we so waspy? Actually, it was kinda amusing in a eurotrash version of wasp life kinda way. I made her hash browns and she started eating them and then she said to me "You're not a good sister." Then ate some hash browns. I said "I didn't know I couldn't go out. Last night, you got into your pajamas" Then I ate some hash browns. But furiously. We were both eating hash browns. Furiously.

Asphodel, later that day--"I can't believe you made me spend three hours in a bookstore."

Celandine, almost hysterical, that evening: "This friend of mine, Dan, I just heard that he died. I worked with him at PTC. He was really sweet. His parents tried to wake him up and he didn't. I really liked him. I almost went out with him. He's a really geeky guy, he was into lighting design. A geeky lighting design boy; you know the kind of blond, he was 20 and his hair was thinning on the top. The really sad thing is I'm going to be sad for awhile, and then I'm going to get over it. But for him, its final. That's It."

At Blockbuster, Asphodel --"You got Saved didn't you. The movie Celandine wanted. You didn't get Napoleon Dynamite. You always loved Celandine more than me. Always."

Celandine --"What the Fuck?"

At Home, Asphodel "Too bad. You don't have that choice." Storms off to coffee shop. (Answer to my statement that I wanted to do something with both daughters.)

Asphodel--Late that night
Mom? Wakes me. I don't have a soul. I think that explains all my problems. Why I'm empty, why i can't connect with people." "You don't even believe in a soul" (answer to my protests.)
"Actually I think if I really didn't have one, animals could tell, and they seem to like me all right."

Asphodel -- Next morning "Mom? I'm really sorry. I conjured anger, hate and resentment like magic, out of thin air."

And we lived happily ever after, after a while.

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