Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Getting Started

Dizziness, the story of my life.

The world whirling by a bit too swirly for comfort; more beautiful for the swirls.

A story.

I came from a very large family. As the eldest of 7, though, I had privileges; which I exploited to the fullest. For example, I got carsick. So did my brother Jon, 18 months younger than I. But, on road trips, I sat in the front. Mom sat in the back with Sick Jon, Jeff, and as the years went on, James, Michael, Rick, and Lisa. Better view from the front. Also closer to the air conditioner. But, I really did get sick.

Sweet sweet creatures my sibs are, they've forgiven me, or maybe forgotten. Tee hee. Or maybe get even by talking about me behind my back. Hope so; gossip on guys.

But, anyway, the carsickness has now (at 49) progressed to the point that I get sick to my stomache when walking around a corner, when exposed to flourescent lights, when bending down to pet Harold the cat. This has been somewhat disruptive of my life, but has given me time to finally create the 37 Millionth personal blog (number accurate to 0 decimal places.)

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