Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm a luddite, or... marriage

So, today I bought a wedding dress.   It's, I don't need to say, awesome, black, fits me perfectly, and some amazing super-duper heavy weight satin from the fifties, roughy, with extra buttons and lace courtesy of Frocky Jack Morgan.  However, even after I posed in front of George's mac book at various heights and lights, the evil evil mac refuses to give up the pictures; so you'll have to wait.

Also, i purchased, for Lisa, my embarassingly beautiful sister (see recent post re: Mormons)  a stunning one of a kind lavender halter dress (chiffon and satin) because nothing else even came close to approximating her perportions.  Lisa, it'll look totally cute with a white t shirt underneath. Everyone agreed.  Also agreed with the proposition that it was hopeless to fit you into anything else.  I also have pics of this awesome dress, but the evil evil mac, Nikita refuses to give them up.  I suspect a cleavage fetish.  Never trust someone from northern california.

And, Tracey, got you the most incredibly awesome black besequinned slip dress... it was an accident; they were serving vodka lemonade and twinkies! What can I say---also frocky jack morgan...... Pic later, the luddite gods being willing....  what size is your sweetie? I'll get him some pirate gear, unless he can perhaps attach a parrot to his shirt without massive amounts of help.  I am willing.

Darn macbook.

I remain,

Wearing Tracey's slip dress but promising to give it back,


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