Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bill O'Reilly Gay Marriage Advocate!

The tipping point has been reached. The battle has been won.

If you watch the video, above, you'll see Bill O'Reilly corner a Gay Marriage opponent -- who admits that only reason to oppose Gay Marriage in California is because, wait for it -- it isn't traditional. Hmmm. Slavery is perfectly traditional, as is the view of women as property... the list goes on.

Marriage is contract law dealing with property rights. Always has been, still is.

H/T Bradblog


MMILES said...

I don't know djinn, I saw this when it was on Fox and Bill O'Reilly did NOT say he was a proponent of gay marriage, but just pointed out they did not have good arguments at all (all too true) and needed to come up with better ones.

djinn said...