Friday, May 9, 2008

Sing, little Sparrow

It was, to say the least, a difficult day. So, for myself, and for you, dear reader, I present two songs from the best album no one has ever heard of. After Marvin Gaye left his first wife, Anna Gordy, (17 years his senior) for a hottie 17 years his junior, he was required to give Anna, the ex, the royalties for his next album, "Here, my dear." I believe there have been rumors ever since that he deliberately made a crappy album; it tanked. But, but, but, it is a sweet, bruised masterpiece. This is "Anger." Give it a listen.

This is "Sparrow," startlingly stunning. Plus, as an added bonus, Marvin totally rocks the cover as a greek statue/God.

Best Jacket evah. A Funky Space Reincarnation. Plus, Marvin (swoon swoon swoon) live; and the sort of groove that entire musical genres are unable to find these days.

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