Sunday, May 11, 2008

I was filled with delight.

So I had this dream (when you're pretty much stuck indoors, you're reduced to posts such as this one, but never fear, dear reader, it's short) that I was working in a restaurant; a couple customers ordered egg dishes that they then returned. To mollify them, I offered free dessert. At this moment, the manager noticed, whisked me away to her office and demanded "Do you read books down there?" (Down where?) "Uh, yeess." She brightened considerably. "Then we shall go shopping!" Suddenly various women dressed beautifully showed up and escorted me into a room filled with lovely satiny dresses. I was filled with so much delight that I Woke Up! Fell asleep again, back at the restaurant where the cook was agonizing over whether to cut up a skirt made out of tulle, strawberries, blueberries and pineapple to make "Aloha Soup." Never did get to shop.


james said...

aloha soup sounds kind'a like pie

Lisa VT said...

This is exactly what I fret over when I am making Aloha soup. Tulle or blackberries. Sometimes I add a little satin if I have some lying around. (Did that follow your grammar rule?)

djinn said...

You owe me a quarter, I think; or perhaps, some tulle.