Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A totally righteous rant

Here's the mayor of Lansing ripping a Fox commentator into little bloody threads for Congress giving billions (billions!) of completely unaccountable money to the finance industry , while shafting the middle class that actually makes something.

Suggestion, watch. hat tip DailyKos


steampunkpainter said...

Amen, Mayor. Amen.

djinn said...

thank you steampunkpainter I am thrilled that the evil evil rich people that have pretty much had varous torture device on the balls of the media (forgive my, perhaps, offensive comment, but you know I'm right.)

The Middle class is the huge bulk of the american public. We're the ones who buy things. Treat us decently; is this so dificult? Expect more posts

Thanks again,


Anonymous said...

FUCK YES! Awesome.