Thursday, February 19, 2009

Silly Facebook Memes Can Be Fun!

Twenty Five Random things about myself.

1. I am constantly amazed at how amusing my wonderful daughters are.

2. I have always been dizzy, metaphorically. That I have been actually dizzy for the last three years makes my irony meter hurt.

2a. I might no longer be actually dizzy after March. What shall I use for an excuse?

e. I am on disability, but too sick to enjoy it.

3. My boyfriend, George is totally hott, especially when playing the sparkly cherry red fender electric guitar (that I talked him into) with the $60.00 Marshall amp he bought, broken, down the street and then fixed himself.

3.14. There's nothing hotter than a man doing housework, imho; well, there is that guitar.

4. I love living in an actual neighborhood with a few shops a couple of streets over, a place to get amazing tacos, a chocolate/salt/flower/wine shop, and the best wine bar in the world.

5. I miss Utah. I miss my law school friends (you know who you are.) I miss the mountains. I especially miss Allie. I also miss Tracey, Jenn (and Rod), Bernadette, Melanie, Daisy, Jackie, Rory, Claire, Leah, Todd, Ryan (So hott in the suit), Tim (haven't forgotten you), David Jones, Joanna (how else would I be able to mention Schiele in conversation, not that it ever comes up), John and Allyson, Megan, Lark, Susan, Cass, Colby, Amy, Travis, Troy, David the K.... Plus my pretend but no less sincere internet friends Melanie, Sara and Chandelle. Not to mention those not in Utah (heavens!) Sandy and Anna, Erin in far far away lands having adventures which I don't totally hate her for, etc. Let's blame the inner ear concussion,so useful. Also everyone I forgot, but miss deeply--I get to blame the VERTIGO!!!!! Plus those wide, wide streets.

6. I would write patents as a hobby. I need a different hobby, suggestions requested.

7. My daughters: Lis, Katie, and Allie, are the greatest. This should be number one. Oh, they are. Plus my sibs Jon, Jeff, James, Mike, Rick, Lisa, and assorted, but not less important neices and nephews. And spouses. Shout out to Cameron, and Joanna. Thanks for wearing the accessories in my time of need.

8. I got to see our ancestor Lucy, the Australopithecene Afarensis from the Ethiopian rift valley recentlyin Seattle. I found that she was there on the day before we left. I cried. It was a spiritual experience.

8. Cont. We went in spite of my vertigo, and I'm afraid Genie, wobbly, in downtown Seattle stressed George out way more than he deserved. In retrospect (my memory is slowly returning) I remember his complexion as a slightly disturbing shade of gray after I collapsed outside the museum.

9. My totally awesome dad lost my totally awesome mom 5ish years ago; we're all still recovering. My dad is recovering very well--he's got a hot girlfriend 17 years younger than himself. Go dad! You're such a kind, sweet, gentleman. You deserve someone who appreciates you for the amazing man that you are. Plus, I so don't want you to be lonesome.

10. 25 is a big number. How random am I?

11. Uhhhhh... I think everyone should read more P.G. Wodehouse. Sample quote (Sorry, Jackie, I do adore you) (Stephen Fry speaking of Wodehouse) I flip open a book of stories and happen on Bertie and Jeeves discussing a young man called Cyril Bassington-Bassington.

"I've never heard of him. Have you ever heard of him, Jeeves?"

"I am familiar with the name Bassington-Bassington, sir. There are three branches of the Bassington-Bassington family – the Shropshire Bassington-Bassingtons, the Hampshire Bassington-Bassingtons, and the Kent Bassington-Bassingtons."

"England seems pretty well stocked up with Bassington-Bassingtons."

"Tolerably so, sir."

"No chance of a sudden shortage, I mean, what?"

12. I have a deep and lasting obsession with china cups and plates, esp. from Goodwill. And they break! So you can get new ones. If you visit, I will contemplate the appropriate plate and cup for you before serving you dinner, or whatever meal/snack is appropriate. My personal favorite right now are some Wedgewood porcelain with Peter Rabbit scenes that I got at a place called "Rerun."

13. I tend to be a mild, kind, refined sort of individual until matters of musical taste come up. (OK, stop laughing, all those in the front row. I really mean it, man) However, in spite of my deepest desires, my hair turns into snakes and I turn people into stone who play the wrong sort of music; but then I feel badish.

14. I have a secret thing for Pete Doherty, formerly of the Libertines, currently of Babyshambles. How can't you not love someone who missed his wedding with Kate Moss because he was picked up on drug posession charges (Genie learns a new word -- Ketamine) on his way to the airport to fly to Java for the wedding.

14 sub 1. I love all Riot Grrls, and think pre-Kurt Cobain Courtney Love is some of the greatest music of the twentieth century. Drown Soda, anyone? OK, One must also mention Sex Pistols, Billy Childish, the Reverend Gary Davis, god George is hot, oops; the Reverend Louis Overstreet, the Wolf, Lightnin' Hopkins, the Flaming Lips, the Mountain Goats, Jolie Holland, Deerhunter.... , my fave Mountain goats song: the best ever death metal band out of denton
were a couple of guys, who'd been friends since grade school.
one was named cyrus, and the other was jeff.
and they practiced twice a week in jeff's bedroom.

the best ever death metal band out of denton
never settled on a name.
but the top three contenders, after weeks of debate,
were satan's fingers, and the killers, and the hospital bombers.

jeff and cyrus believed in their hearts they were headed
for stage lights and lear jets, and fortune and fame.
so in script that made prominent use of a pentagram,
they stenciled their drumheads and guitars with their names.

this was how cyrus got sent to the school
where they told him he'd never be famous.
and this was why jeff,
in the letters he'd write to his friend,
helped develop a plan to get even.
when you punish a person for dreaming his dream,
don't expect him to thank or forgive you.
the best ever death metal band out of denton
will in time both outpace and outlive you.
hail satan!
hail satan tonight!
hail satan!
hail hail!
(this is Genie, when singing along you have to make the horn thing with your 2nd and 4th finger when singing the final verse; very satisfying. Hail Satan, y'all.)

Fifteen. I have quite a bit of vinyl made my men named "blind" someone or other. I also have other punk/blues treasures on vinyl which would not be a problem, but I suffer from fear of the record player. Anyone know the cool latin name for that condition? There must be one.

16. What the Fuck happened to Rod Stewart? He went from the best to the worst singer in Rock and Roll between the time I couldn't see him and I could. Fuck. Plus Ron Wood. Awesome in the Faces. Neutered in the Rolling Stones. A sad, sad fate for a water gypsy.

17. I am deeply disappointed (to the point of despair and tears) in the Obama administration for appointing Larry (I hate all Regulations such, esp. those that make me personally less wealthy) Summers, and Tim Geitner (same) to positions of actual power.

18. If anyone hasn't noticed, we no longer have a fourth amendment. If you're searched for an invalid purpose, the police get to use the evidence. No more fruit of the poisoned tree. Thanks Bush and Co. Yeah. Who needs a constitution anyway? Oh, yeah, that would be me.

19. More outrage? Bush should be in chains at the Hague.

19 1/2. Cheney -- waterboarding! You know, it's not torture. He said so.

20. How come my 20 dollar radio is so much easier to use (and keep in tune) that my two hundred dollar one? What's the point of all those beatiful speakers if they only mostly pick up static?

21. I love roses, and, last year, planted a number of 19th century varieties that bloom only once a season. To be beautiful, if only for a brief period, deserves our respect, and small plot of land. They don't seem to be doing so well this winter, cross your thorns.

22. A poem by my favorite poet, Jacqueline Osherow

The way I see it, every season comes through
With a blessing--winter: dazzle; summer: evening;
Autumn: cold; and this particular spring
It's got to be you, monotonous cuckoo
Or whatever you are, blasting that major third
Like a downbeat for the music of the spheres.
And who's to say it isn't, that the stars
And planets aren't guided by a bird?
Your voice certainly seems to carry far
Enough, its two persistent notes so pure
They must keep the air's orchestra in tune.
Who cares if they're the same again and again?
I'll stop waiting for that new, exquisite song.
I've got two notes; even I will sing.

23. I love the pretend glorious western picture of Bierstadt, one of which I saw recently in the Seattle Museum. I also love the pretend glorious pics of Chagall, and his glass windows in the Chicago Art Institute. Should I tell a joke now, to lighten the mood? Two artists walked into a bar. I forgot the punchline, though I'm sure Whiskey was involved. George suggests the punchline "One was framed."

24. I love LOLcats, and not only because their spelling,such as my own, is somewhat shaky.

25. Shoutout to Tamar and Iva, my peeps! And Betsey! For totally understanding how wonderful my little brother is, to the extent of marrying him. Wow.

25.125 I would be lying, at least by omission,if I didn't mention my deep deep sincere and honest love of personal adornment devices. Scarves, rings, hats, hand-knit sweaters with actual lynx collar (don't tell) chartreuse died camisoles, more camisoles with more lynx, an awesome necklace watch with laboradite and an intricate watch (which i can't quite get to work, but time is for cell phones), and that's just what I can remember. Good thing I've been sick for like forever, and too sick to get out of the house, or I could probably barely get into the house. Oh, and that leopard-skin pillbox hat. Ahhh, happiness. Plus, it turns out that I'm deeply superstitious; but all superstitions related to said adornment devices, and music.


Lee M. Davenport said...

Disability? I feel your pain!

djinn said...

Thank you. I'm feeling slightly better; hope to feel better much sooner as short term disability is about to run out.