Sunday, February 15, 2009

John The Revelator

In the comments somewhere, the subject of blacks and the priesthood withhin the context of the Mormon church came up; Mormons specificaly disavowed the presence of people with black blood beinig able to reach heaven. Specifically another commentator wondered if other Christian denominations held similar views. Considering the wealth of blues songs which implicitly expect heaven as a potential reward, this seems unlikely. This series of videos is my (kinda wandery, off topic) reply.

Blind Willy Johnson, he wrote the song, as far as I can tell.

Others noticed its awesomeness. Unfortunately, my favorite verion, by Mississippi John Hurt, does not appear to be available through Youtube.

But Nick Cave, who appears to have roughly the same emotional response to the gospels as I (but with, what do you call that? Oh, yeah, talent) has a version.

This is Bukka White (the youtube caption is wrong wrong wrong.) I just love him (at least the itty bits I've heard) and his fine, fine, national guitar. So, an excuse. A random song of his. If I get really really energetic I'll post some of my personal collection, as far as I can tell otherwise unavailable. But, of course, it's all on vinyl.


ConservativeRepublican said...

Can't wait to hear how it went. Thoughts and prayers for you.

steampunkpainter said...

Well, in the early 1970's the Mormon Church decided that Blacks can have the "priesthood" which they have and can in fact go to heaven.

djinn said...

Thank you very much, conservative republican; due to a problem with every single painkiller on the planet except tylenol and ibuprofen my operation was shock-inducing painful, but I made it through. I did not know, and they (the powers that be) did not tell me that I would have, and I quote "Brain Fog" for between one week and a month; so expect random disordered posts. But I feel great right now. thanks, for asking. Thanks a lot. I'm asking friends, and I have totally arbitrarily decided that you are a friend to wear a random accessory for me to aid in, if not my healing, at least my idea of healing. I have a very broad version of what an accessory is. A quote in your back pocket? A pair of overly bright socks? I love bright colors.... etc. I realize this is a big request, but I am terrified, and every little bit helps. Oh, something random small and orange would also work.

your pretend friend, Genie

Oh, and steampunkpainter, thanks for visiting; love steampunk, and painting so way cool. 1978 was the year blacks were granted the priesthood, mostly. There are other details, but I won't give them away unless you ask.

djinn said...

Did anyone like the music? Or will I actually have to post the Mississipi John Hurt version?