Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Looking Forward to Warmer Weather, Happier Times

It's that point in the Winter when it's finally noticeable that the days are really getting longer. But I can't imagine the days will get ever long enough to give people the idea that they have enough time to make creations such as these. These sand sculptures are incredible! Too bad they crumble so swiftly! But at least we can enjoy these pics. (This first one features lots of storybook characters. Do you see Rapunzel with her braid out the window? ) Puss-in-boots can be better seen from this other angle. Such meticulous crenelations on the castle! Don't you just want to wander through that tunnel on the right?

I just love this dragon wolfing down someone digging in the sand.

Perhaps it would be nice to have more public art in the stimulus package. It might seem like a frill, but at least it would employ people while creating things of lasting value (one would hope).

To see more of these marvelous creations, click here!


Rachel G said...

I would love to go see this! Or any cool sand art. Awesome! Good pics.

ConservativeRepublican said...

Haha, I love the dragon one. How twisted am I?

kerfuffler said...

As twisted as I am, I guess, Conservative Republican. We can enjoy it for it's simple sense of fun, or blather pompously about it's self-referential irony-----I go both ways.