Friday, February 20, 2009

'Bucketize' Gets A New Meaning

Some say that being bucketized means that you've had your first encounter guitarist Buckethead's music.

In business and computing, it is a way of lumping certain transactions together. (categorizing basically)

But now because of innovations in fashion, a new dominant meaning is emerging. To be bucketized will be a fashionable new way of dealing with bad hair, or poorly tweezed eyebrows. See below. (Left-click to enlarge the images; I couldn't manage to make them the right size.)

And I thought they'd never make a hat I did not like!
I suspect the feckless designer of this headgear may opt to wear it himself to avoid recognition.

1 comment:

djinn said...

I definitely think that the original Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket is by far the most attractive fashion choice.

But, as an aside, my goodness, what are these amoeba thinking? On second thought, I shouldn't be so hard on our amoeba buddies.