Saturday, February 7, 2009

On being stupid.

I have a very curious disease. Officially, it's called either "inner ear concussion" or "Post-traumatic vertigo."

How does this affect me? The smarter I feel, the stupider I am.

I am much more likely to spuriously match patterns stupid than smart; that is, I see correlations where none exist. For example,I somehow figure that George is acting mean to me when he's just trying to get coffee and wake up.

I'm also, I belive, not as nice when stupid , but feel more justified in my meanness.

This this totally uncalled for, but my inadvertant experiment has proven to me that being intelligent is really stupid. That is all.


mfranti said...

very interesting. so you fell and that's how you got sick? wow.

so what does that mean for your professional life?

tell me, tell me.

ps. how long have you known troy williams?

djinn said...

Troy and me? 8 1/2 years roughly. I feel very protective of him. Please be kind.

I am on disability. I do not know what will happen when I get better, seeing a how the economy is tanking. However, I, as far as I can tell, can do the really odd out-there theoretical stuff that others at work either can't do at all or can't do within a reasonable time frame, so perhaps my life isn't over. I thought it was for awhile. I was too sick to work for about four months, but had no diagnosis, so dragged myself to work every day. I think I came very close to being fired. Thank goodness the Northwest is moderate, and has many bridges.

Since you (failed to) ask, I crashed a few days ago in the middle of the sidewalk, completely lost my sense of direction. George was terrified (worse for him than me) Thought it was the end for us. He's still around, though.

Thanks more than I can say for asking.

mfranti said...

Please be kind? you know i met troy when we did the interview and loved him. i see him around town all teh time.

that guy is awesome. i wish i were as cool as he.

djinn, do you always have a good sense of humor or is the illness cos if you were an uptight dillweed when you aren't spinning, i couldn't like you.

djinn said...

You could talk to Troy about me, as we have common friends. I know Troy can take care of himself but I worry worry worry about my gay friends. I get to. So there.

Humor is tricky; we all know excrable humans who totally crack their own shit up while the rest of us look on horrified, or amused for all the wrong reasons.

However, I believe that stupidity rarely makes people more amusing. I've always whirled, it's just recently that I have an actual medical excuse.

PS. I love dillweeds; they're wonderful for flavoring, have beautiful flat-top flower heads; please choose a different herb to insult me. I suggest "California Skunk." Obviously unattractive. And an herb of the more herbish variety.

djinn said...

In my own somewhat pathetic defense, m&m (who does not get my jokes, does not understand that they are jokes; etc.) and I have been going round and round on this very issue. She believes with every fiber of her being that, uh, how does one condense, gay people should be denied their basic human rights because, uh, her kids might end up meeting one or two.

Her characterization would include more "accepting" language, but I believe I correctly represented her argument.

So, when I wrote that Troy line, I was smarting, somewhat, though not smart.

Etc. etc., Etc.

djinn said...

Oh, and I hate passionfruit; difficult to pull off an insult, but I'm sure you're up for it.

djinn said...

I feel really bad, at times like this I feel that a phone call would clear things up, but of course, we are just dots (meaningful, thanks Sumerians) on a screen to each other. Or perhaps I could adopt emoticons.

Here's one ~~~~~~~~~~~~~<:>~

It's supposed to be a snake aporpos of either nothing or that lastish post on FMH, but I apparently suck at emoticons as much as (fill in the blank)

Proudly keeping America (intelligible) emoticon free, I remain, spinning,


mfranti said...

"we all know excrable humans who totally crack their own shit up while the rest of us look on horrified, or amused for all the wrong reasons."

that's me!

and i was NOT insulting you in anyway!!!

and i know how to read your comments. i've been doing it for a while now. m&m, and all her fibers, needs to lighten up a bit.

perhaps instead of wool, she could be silk?

djinn said...

M&m is my mother, transposed a generation or two. Silk? Le'ts wean her onto angora first.