Wednesday, February 4, 2009

RIP Lux Interior

Way back in 2004, I went to see the Cramps at the Crystal Ballroom (in Portland, OR) directly after leaving work (I'm a lawyer.) I was wearing a suit, nylons (boring as all get-out) and mid-length heels. Three people; three deeply worried interested, serious people asked me if I were "OK," or "All Right." I assured them, that inspite of no obvious, uh tattoos, piercings, latex, pink hair, etc. I was fine. But I felt bad. I blame myself.

Lux Interior in his 60's at that show totally totally rocked his python print spandex tights/pants. Poison Ivy, also was hottt. It gave, and continues, to give me hope.

Lux died, after a good life. May angels play you random guitar riffs to your sleep.

Enjoy the commentator's perfectly correct (for some other venue) pink jacket. Enjoy Poison Ivy's perfectly correct (for this exact venue) rather too fluffy to be believed pink bra/shirt.



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