Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Ephemeral "Art"

I could not help but laugh when I saw this preposterous cake at cakewrecks.
It seems like the baby is bursting directly out of the pregnant belly a la Alien.

But wait, there's more!
This one was really intended to portray a baby erupting out of the pregnant belly! Yikes!
Another amazing cake really looks like a newborn, but I'm not sure who would be willing to slice this cake.

The cakewrecks blog includes cakes with many different themes. A few are simply gorgeous and well crafted.

Others are simply ghastly, but might appeal to zombies.

One thoughtful contributor even crafted a crow cake for Edgar Allen Poe's birthday.

Wonders really abound at this site although there are also a lot of cakes with simple spelling errors and whatnot. The blogger's witty commentary makes it a really fun spot to visit. Enjoy! (And thanks Gee Bee for making me aware of this blog.)


ConservativeRepublican said...

I really hope some of those cakes on Cake Wrecks were just for display or competition and not actually eaten. I cannot imagine slicing into a baby or a foot with fungus.

djinn said...

Yikes is right! If I have a baby bursting directly out of my belly, I expect it to be better dressed. After all, if it could muster up a bandelo, why not a scarf, or hat to match? I would expect better of my offspring; of course apricot blossom would have popped out tightly gripping a copy of "we're a happy family" ramones version. Singing, prob.

ConservativeRepublican said...

BTW, no hard feelings re: last night. I was exhausted and not up for too much teasing.

djinn said...

Thank you so much ConservativeRepublican, I really was just teasing; but was deeply worried that I'd insulted you. The remarks, in the cold cold type as read, were insulting. The saucy head tilt, trilby, and leopard scarf, which would indicate I was teasing, I'm afraid, weren't quite so obvious.

djinn said...

Oh, and antique broach (how the hell do you spell that word?) on the trilby; might as well brag when I get the chance.

Rachel G said...

I love the castle cake! Also, I love what you said about the brain cake, appealing to zombies. I love cake, they all look delicious. I'd even eat the baby ones - but only because it's cake, not because it's babies!

kerfuffler said...

Eating the baby cake would probably be easier than slicing it. I wouldn't want to take a stab at it, that's for sure.