Thursday, February 19, 2009

25 favorite things from my one favorite Russian

1. I secretly believe that I am 23 years old
2. I learned to read music scores when I was 5. I learned to read books one year later.
3. My voice is very unpleasant. Thank you for putting up with it.
4. I love to take dance classes , even though I suck badly at dancing.
5.Coming out finally, I think it's time to let the world know. Straight, boring straight, nothing to be done..Gosh, so straight!
6. I dress in black. when you see me wearing something colorful, it means that I had to make an effort. Maybe I need therapy?
7. It's not that I never tried to talk to a shrink. My first attempt ended up with a job offer, the second person got so upset that almost had a heart attack and I had to comfort him.
8. I miss SLC more that I am willing to admit. I think Heaven must look like Red Door or at least the Starbucks on the 4th. Guess I miss my friends...
9.Which tells me that you can make friends at any age!
10. The thing I don't really believe in is a pure friendship between a straight man and a straight woman. But so what ? I still enjoy it every time!
11. I dream in broken English with an accent.
12. I watch TV with captions. Lame!
13. I don't find Jewish men attractive. How do you girls do it? : )
14. My least favorite food is ice cream. ewwww...
15. The only place where I can tolerate classical music ( that is not played by me) is symphony. I hate to drive and listen to the "easy classical" radio station. Another thing that I hate is "smooth jazz station" . The worst and cheesiest pop music ever!
16. My musical vices are ( brace yourself, Genie): Jobim, Cake ( sheep so go to heaven! ) and 60th rock and jazz. My favorite jazz standards is "Round Midnight" and "Night and Day" ( weird, right? ) and my favorite jazz musician is Coltrane. And no, I don't like Bill Evans. I know I should...
17. I want to make a movie for as long as I remember myself. Maybe I will?
18. Speaking of movies - I seriously cannot understand action movies, just cannot tell what is going on! But they out me to sleep right away! I can tolerate a chick flick though - but only if I have moral support from my daughter.
19. I am what you would call a "cheap date" : )
20. My favorite season is Fall ( doesn't apply to Vivaldi) . Fall in MA is magnificent. Come visit me?
21. I have been asked how I identify myself so many times. Jewish I guess - otherwise, why would I find Chagall so disturbing?
22. I always miss "home" but I don't know what and where it is. That's OK...
23. Things I like to buy but never really use are nail polishes ( I have an impressive collection! ) and rings. As for the rest of the material objects- I like to buy them too!
24. Genie, I don't want to mention these devices - they are out of control, and I am mad at them! : )
25. Just so you guys know - Russian version of "25 random things" is "100 random things" . I tried to write it last year, and couldn't get past # 34.

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