Monday, February 23, 2009

Morality, Stupidity, Random People on Street Corners and Me.

I have had this curious feature, endlessly documented on this blog; my intelligence level has fluctuated for the last three-somewhat years. I'm trying to process this in a way that is at least slightly interesting.

Me, stupid--FUN FUN FUN. CONFIDENT CONFIDENT CONFIDENT, SMART SMART SMART (In my own head, subjectively. Objective results may differ). I have decided that there is an inverse proportion between how intelligent someone feels and how intelligent they are. This makes choosing US presidents and presidents of corporations somewhat problematic. Proof? Turn on the radio or media thingie of choice. Because, of course, confidence, which I have at least a bit of proof about, is inversely related to competence.

Me, stupid--not so sensitive; also great fun; me somewhat closer to my normal level of intelligence? On the way to the Dr's this morning, there was this girl, 20 something, with a sign at a street corner. Sign said "Victim of current Economic Downturn, anything would help. God Bless." I didn't have any change to give her. I'm haunted. If dumbbb, I wouldn't care. It's better to be stooopid.


geebee said...

Don't forget random incessant swearing. F*&%ing symptomatic, but sort of funny.

kerfuffler said...

Stop beating yourself up over the panhandler. There are real relief agencies (and friends and families) to help people through economic downturns. If your want to help them, make a commitment to donate to something like the Salvation Army or a local food pantry. Anything you give them directly will probably end up in a bottle, a pipe or a syringe.

When I visited Portland, I was accosted over and over by beggars----mostly around 25 years old. They all had pat, phony, one line stories about why I needed to give them money. The 'economic downturn' has given them a new line to torment people with. Some of them are really good at this, and 'earn' more doing this than working.

I can afford to be hard-hearted because I give through dependable relief agencies that help people find employment, get training and fight substance abuse.

It's better to be smart.

djinn said...

I think maybe this post is just stupid. Being stuck inside, I occasionally from the bad judgment off turning on the radio. The unemployment rate in the state is at around 12%. We're number 6! in unemployment stats. Lis showed up to apply for a server job at a restaurant, there were roughly 400 applicants for a handful of positions. Katie can't find any work in Ashland. Etc. etc. etc. I'm at home sick, worrying, you can see where this is going.

kerfuffler said...

Check your Email. I just sent you something to cheer you up.