Friday, February 20, 2009

25 things about Apricot Blossom

1. I'm shy most of the time.
2. I like wearing clothes that are too big for me. It makes me kinda feel like I'm walking around covered in blankets. But I don't like ponchos.
3. I do like nachos.
4. I don't like tomatoes.
5. I like detail work and staple guns.
6. My hands shake.
7. I use my cat as a pillow. Unless he isn't around, then I use a pillow.
7 1/2. That last one is glamourized. I like doing that with facts some times. I can only use Harold as a pillow successfully for 3-5 minutes at a time.
7 3/4. I often lie only to turn myself in a second later.
8. I like non-fiction books better than fiction.
9. I like painting with my hands on walls.
10. I used to love talking about myself, but I don't anymore and I have trouble thinking of things to talk about.
10 1/2. This took me a few days to fill out.
11. I love heights because they scare me.
12. I hate horror movies because they scare me. They make my neck tense.
13. Sometimes I wear slutty clothes, but they make me feel silly because I'm not slutty. So I end up looking silly instead of slutty.
14. I'm glad I've stopped doing that (#13).
14 1/2. Well, it's much rarer.
15. I think I speak really loudly, but lots of people say that I don't, so I guess I have no idea how loudly I speak.
16. I'm really bad at buying clothes that fit me. Most of them don't, so I tell myself that I like wearing big clothes since they fit me better than the clothes that are too small for me. I do, sometimes, but usually I just wish I could figure out how to wear clothes.
17. I hate doing dishes. Like, a lot. Especially washing off tomato-based stuff, which only aids in my dislike of tomatoes. I guess it's a good thing I don't like tomatoes then, because I'd only end up resenting them when I had to wash the dishes.
18. 25 is a really big number sometimes.
19. Once, when I was little, i carried a dead butterfly around on a frisbee for hours and sang to it.
20. I pretend I'm not a sentimental person, but I fail at it. I remember turning 8 and being upset because I missed being 7.
21. I don't like birthdays. I worry about aging sometimes, but I remember that I always have and it makes me feel better because it gives me perspective.
21 1/2. I think I'm going to be an awesome old lady. It's just the inbetween stuff I'm not so sure about.
23. I'm an incorrigible optimist.
24. I cry really really easily, and am constantly having to assure people around me that I'm ok. Happy, sad, angry, any mildly strong emotion will do it.
24. I never meant to end up in the theatre. I wanted to be a scientist.
22. I love laughing. I laugh a lot.
25. I'd be a terrible scientist.

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