Wednesday, October 29, 2008

West Virginia official explains how voting machines

never let you vote for Obama. OOOPS!

IF you listen to the video, the official explains that the Obama votes don't always go to a Republican, rather they sometimes go to other candidates. Don't you feel comforted by this?


Unknown said...

Makes you wonder who programmed the software on these machines, Elementary school dropouts?

djinn said...

No kidding. Ever had your ATM accidentally screw up like that? I suspect they were programmed by, uh Republicans.

kerfuffler said...

The guy explaining the problem is an imbecile! It still hurts Obama if his votes go to third party tickets.
And Isn't it curious how even in the faultily calibrated machine, the McCain vote successfully counted towards McCain?

djinn said...

Yes, he seems to think he is disproving his critics--voting for Obama means voting for a third party candidate, not the Republican. Why is he proud of this?