Friday, October 3, 2008

Sarah Palin is sooo over Katic Couric

Ms. Palin explained that she stumbled in the Couric interviews not because she didn’t know the answers, but that she was annoyed with the interview because she thought the questions did not focus enough on the qualities needed in a vice president. She promised to try to be patient in the future.
From the NYT

And what would these qualities be, Sarah? Also, notice how all the blame is suddenly shifted to Katie? Sweeeet.


kerfuffler said...

Wow, someone has fed Palin some Supreme Court cases to talk about now, but she clearly had no such knowledge during Couric's questioning
But my understanding is that when you take a makeup exam, THE QUESTIONS ARE DIFFERENT!
Bill Maher suggested a great one:

Sarah, you object to talking to certain dictators without preconditions; give us an example of some preconditions.

She'd probably respond;

Well, you don't talk to people unless they agree in advance to make you look good. There, was that the right answer?

Anonymous said...

Imagine if she were grilled by someone just as folksy, and with the same accent, but a little more gumption.

Wait, we don't have to imagine--we can watch it right here.

mfranti said...

I've made my comments at fmh (I'm sure you read them)

I can't say this over there but anyone who likes this woman and thinks she's qualified to sit down with the king of Sweden or the PM of an uninformed idiot. A dummy. A stupid American.

there, i said it and it feels wonderful.

djinn said...

You go, Mfranti. I am stunned, and saddened; what a sad sad sad joke on the
American people. It's not funny. She's a disaster.

djinn said...

Oh, but I really believe that Youtube will be the death of her and her candidacy. Too much fun to watch her not be able to name a single newspaper; have witches cast out..... etc.