Monday, October 20, 2008

OK, it's my first conspiracy, cut me some slack

A video shot as a travelogue when Sarah Palin was supposedly 7 months pregnant,but had not yet announced (read, didn't know she was supposed to look pregnant yet.) I've been 7 months pregnant and I don't show much, but, man, I so did not look like that. For one thing, when a woman is pregnant, her joints loosen, giving her a waddle. Don't see it. For another thing, the various hormones shooting through your body, ah, increase your, ah, rack size. For comparison, see shots of Bristol below. For the final mention, women who are 7 mo. pregnant tend to have more than a bit of a belly. Hmmm. Trig was born a month later and weighed 6 pounds (not to mention amniotic fluid and placenta weight.) Where is he? Where are those medical records? Tubal ligation?

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