Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A subject I feel strongly on

I got a bit, uh well, read for yourself. This is from Feministmormonhousewives.org. I figure if my daughter apricot blossom is in a group called New York Jews for Obama (being neither from New York or Jewish) I can be a feminist Mormon Housewife. OK, comments, First: an unsuspecting commentor

Proposition 8 isn’t about rights at all. No one has a legal right to marriage. Repeat: NO ONE has a legal right to marriage. Marriage has always been a privilege extended to couples by rulers or governments. That is why would-be brides and grooms must apply for a license and meet certain requirements set by individual states.

And what is a society’s interest in marriage? Traditionally, the state’s most compelling interest has been in the next generation. That is why we do not permit a brother and sister to marry — no matter how much they may love one another and no matter how much they may insist on equal rights.

The state does have a compelling interest in preserving traditional marriage. We all should. Yes on Prop 8.

Comment by Unsuspecting Commentator — October 21, 2008 @ 3:18 pm

Then me:
No, Unsuspecting commentator, society’s interest in marriage is transferring property properly from one generation to the next. It’s contractual. We don’t let brothers and sisters marry (unless we’re Egyptian, or I believe Mayan royalty) ’cause it’s ucky. That incest taboo and all. Ahhh, the English common law.

Besides, your argument is beyond bogus and into mendacious because the government does not pose any fertility requirement on couples and explicitly allows couples who cannot have children (say, those involving women beyond menopause) to marry. So there. Stop lying. Or stop listening to whomever it is that is lying to you.

Feel free to vote yes on prop. 8 but have the guts to admit it’s because you hate homosexuals. Otherwise, vote no.


Anonymous said...

Yes! I mean, NO on 8. Nice comeback djinn.

james said...

I am so glad that you write...

Randy Simes said...

Way to tell it how it is.