Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bollywood Tuesday!

Can you find the air sitar section? How about the air tambla?

Here's another, because one video of equisitely coreographed east asians doing vaguely techno moves accompanied on traditional indian instruments with bonus smoke machine! is never enough.


kerfuffler said...

Wouldn't it be a scream if someone pulled off a bollywood flash crowd (aka, smart mob) event. I suppose the vivid costumes would make it hard for the participants to blend in with the general populace. And I guess it would be a challenge to practice the choreography. Well, one can dream.

But just what would be the most fun setting for such an extravaganza?

Quimbob said...

There is an Indian restaurant near me that plays these music videos in the dining room non-stop.
It's pretty nuts.
I doubt they are paying royalties.

djinn said...

How fun! Bollywood and all my favorite indian food I can never pronounce.

djinn said...

A Sarah Palin Rally would make a pretty good setting for a Bollywood flash mob.

Anonymous said...

oh, i missed Benny Lava. Thank you for reuniting us!