Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Housekeeping Tips Part 7: Surprise Someone You Love On Halloween With A Fanciful Feast

For more fun bento box ideas check out this site, and enjoy.

Many of pictures have some details about the ingredients. For example, the earrings on the woman at a spa are made from that cheese you spray out of a can. No explanation was given regarding the purple paste in back of the frapuccino. Any guesses? Hummus with food coloring?


Unknown said...

The top two look okay...but how does anybody actually EAT the bottom two?!

djinn said...

Chandelle! I'm honored that you visited my little blog. Gush Gush. Big fan. Gush.

Randy Simes said...

These are amazing...I'm going to have to try one (or more) out come Halloween.